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Forced to Freeelance. Real Jobs for the New Reality.
Helping You Make Your Way
in the Gig-to-Gig World
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Freelance Jobs

. By choice or by chance, you're a freelancer now!

Terminated, fired, downsized, right-sized, restructured, let go, pink-slipped, quit or finally fulfilling a dream of self-employment... whatever the reason, welcome to the world of freelancing!

Many workers are pounding the pavement in search of employment only to discover that traditional "employee" positions are just not that easy to find in this tough global economy.

With all the traditional employment avenues exhausted, and more companies opting for outsourced talent, these jobseekers are being FORCED TO FREELANCE!

Now is the time to take a deep breath... move past the shock and disbelief of being "jobless," and make the decision to become a wildly successful freelancer!

If you're like so many others who have gone this route, you may, in a few months, utter the unthinkable -- "I will never go back to being an employee!"

At ForcedToFreelance.com, we're gathering the tools and resources that will help you find your place in the brave new world of "Gigonomics."

Here, you'll find:
Gigonomics explained:
  • "Some 2.5 million full-time jobs have evaporated in the last 13 months, contributing to what's being called the "gig economy." - Newsweek
  • "Refers to an economy where no one has a "real" job. Everyone has "gigs", i.e. short-term contracts for doing things with no benefits or pension plans." - UrbanDictionary.com
  • "...these new alternative workers are not overwhelmingly low-income. They’re college-educated Americans who earn more than $75,000 a year. Welcome to the age of Gigonomics." - The Daily Beast
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