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Freelance Jobs

Freelance job resources for Call Center and Customer Service Jobs!

The call center/customer service sector is doing more contracting than any other sector we know of! This type of work can be a great stand-alone freelance opportunity, or it can be a "sideline" for another business you are operating.

For example, if you are a Virtual Assistant, web designer, writer, or artist who is not finding sufficient work in your field, you might consider contracting with a call center company and picking up several 4-hour shifts a week to supplement your income.

Be sure to check our job/project bidding page too!

Accolade Support "Accolade Support is a rapidly growing division of Tier 3 Support, Inc. We are looking for remote agents to join our team, working from your home office.

We're looking for bright, energetic individuals who enjoy speaking with people on the phone, and possess the in-depth understanding and the diverse skills to provide callers with the highest quality of service.  Our clients demand the highest service level possible.   In turn, we are constantly working to build a team of friendly and efficient support professionals to meet our current clients growing call volumes, as well as the numerous new clients we begin services for each month."
ACD Direct

"Become an Agent

ACD Direct definitely wants your experience, but what's in it for you?

Saving Money! No more commuting expenses, dress code hassles or lunch money worries.

Earning Money! You are paid for each minute of talk time with some incentives. The more you work, the more you earn. And... you decide when to work in the comfort of your own home. Once you've proven yourself, you may also choose to pursue advancement within the company to further increase your earnings."
Arise Virtual Solutions

"Today, in the United States, more than 200,000 people work “virtually” from their home offices providing customer support services. While technology makes it possible, many people experience challenges in finding a successful way to operate a home-based business.

Arise offers year-round opportunities to provide contact services to the best selection of well-known, trusted brands — giving you the freedom you crave and the income results your need.

As an Arise Certified Professional, you choose which clients to serve, when you work, and how many hours each week to work."
BSG / VoiceLog

"Earn a guaranteed minimum $8.50 per hour, with the benefits of flexible work hours and working from home! VoiceLog is looking for English, Spanish or bi-lingual independent contractor live operators with flexible hours.

VoiceLog is the #1 provider of third party verification services in the US. Our operators receive live verification calls for telephone companies and other service industries looking to help combat sales fraud. All calls are recorded for quality assurance and compliance purposes.

Work at home as an independent contractor during the hours of 8am EST to midnight EST Monday-Friday and every other weekend. You can choose to work shifts of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 hours. As an inbound live operator verification agent, you will earn a guaranteed minimum $8.50 per hour."

"ContractXchange.com is the website at the center of the expanding world of contract work for home-based customer service agents. There’s nothing quite like it.

The site was first launched 6 years ago in Canada and now has over 50,000 members from all across North America, plus there’s also a thriving new UK based agent community at ContractXchange.co.uk.

Home-based agents are finding well-paid, interesting work from the growing list of virtual call centers who recruit on-line at ContractXchange.com.

Some of North America’s largest companies are recruiting right now and there’s certainly a lot more companies and contracts to come."
CSR, Inc.

"We are a legitimate work at home opportunity. Our company has been in business for almost 20 years, based in Pennsylvania, but providing Quality Monitoring for call centers across the country. We are seeking people who are looking for flexible hours and the opportunity to make extra money. This is ideal for former career people who are now stay at home parents looking for a part-time commitment and some extra cash. This position will not work for people who are currently employed full time or seeking full time employment. This is an independent contractor position. Compensation is based on the degree of difficulty of each project."

"eCallogy is a full service contact center.  We do several types of projects, including outbound calls, inbound calls, and data entry.  We have some projects that we handle in house and some that we bid out to others on a temporary basis.  All of our current projects are available for bidding to private businesses and individuals (Independent Contractors).

We will accept bids from any Independent Contractor or any party holding a Business License.  (Please see Bidding requirements below)

All current projects are paid at a per-talk-minute rate.  You will be asked in your bid what rate you require for the project.  You will submit an invoice to eCallogy bi-weekly for your work completed on that project and a check will be mailed to you the following week."

"GlobeWired offers a work from home opportunity that is custom tailored to your schedule and lifestyle. We are looking for highly motivated, skilled and responsible agents to work directly with customers.

You decide the hours and days that suit you best while working from the comfort of your own home office.

Some of our projects require background checks, which can include, but are not limited to: credit, criminal, employment history, education/licensing."

"As a LiveOps independent agent, you can benefit from a highly flexible and rewarding opportunity. LiveOps operates a virtual call center with a community of over 20,000 sales and customer service professionals. As an independent contractor providing services to LiveOps’ clients, you are your own boss!

Being your own boss means having the freedom and flexibility to set your own schedule and work on your own terms.  You choose where to work, when to work, and which clients you would like to service.  For some people, being your own boss means having a corporation or LLC.  LiveOps contracts with entities as well as individuals- so whether you're an established company or just getting started as an individual contractor, LiveOps is the right place for you!"
Next Level Solutions

"The Virtual Independent Agent (VIA) are in charge to service outbound customers make sales calls from home, using a computer, a telephone line and a broadband access connection. VIA’s qualifies lead eligibility, communicate features/benefits of account, overcomes objections.

We are looking for highly motivated and goal oriented individuals ..."

"How would you like to work from the comfort of your own home; enjoy flexible hours; use your personal computer to help us meet our clients needs? Sound too good to be true? Think there’s a catch? Well there isn’t. As you can see from our home page, we work primarily with the newspaper industry. Our customer service representatives work from their homes making customer service calls for our newspaper clients.  In most instances, we are checking on the customer’s service and reporting back to the newspaper so they can take appropriate action.

If you are currently employed full time, generally you will not have the time or flexibility required for this opportunity. To juggle home and work responsibilities, you need self-discipline, a schedule, and cooperation from your family."
Working Solutions

"If you’ve thought about working from home and being your own boss, the Agents OnDemand program might be the right fit for you. Working Solutions looks for skilled, educated, and motivated people to assist customers with sales, service and technical support transactions. Agents work directly with customers over the phone, through online chat sessions, and email."

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